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Born in 1990 in Urfa. I have graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts Cinema-Tv Department at Akdeniz Universty. I live in İstanbul. I’m founder of Naif Film Video and Short Film Production. I worked in different roles in productions such as dop, director, editor, screenwriter, financing funding and festival consultancy. I’m shooting and writing short films, music videos, commercials etc.

I’m member of Turkish Assocation for Short Film Director and Turkish Screenwriters Assocaiton

My Short Films

Babamdan Kalan (2017)

Bülbül-i Şeyda (2017)

Belagat (2016)

Zahir Gözde Ne Arar? (2015)

Sattalia (2014)

Please take a look at my website to see what I have done


Abdülmelik Öcal

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